Sunday, August 26, 2012

Special Edition: Stake Conference Part II (Kerri)

     I have been pondering this last week as to what to write and after many times of starting, stopping, and erasing, I think I finally got it.
There was a talk given at my stake conference and the young man said it was time to stop saying prayers and time to start praying.
So my question to you is, do you really pray with all of your heart? Or are you just praying, saying the right words at the right time?
I thought I was praying with all of my heart, but after reading 2 Nephi chapter 32 I had to ask that question to myself again. That young man at conference spoke volumes with that question of us. Nephi spoke of it in verse 9, saying "I say unto you that ye must pray always, and not faint."
    So, next time you get down to pray, remember those great words of Nephi. Do not pray faintly but listen to the Holy Ghost, for He is a gift from our Heavenly Father and He will never leave us alone. We just need to open our hearts and speak to Him and listen to what He is trying to say.


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