Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Taking a New Direction

We are taking a new direction here at Being Martha, Becoming Mary! Who's excited for changes?

After a year absence, we've decided to go a new direction. When we originally started this blog, it was just going to be church things that spoke to our hearts, things that moved us. But over the last year, we have realized (well, remembered) that it is not just thoughts that occur to us that are here for us to learn.

It is the daily experiences, the challenges (which we all have plenty of, I'm sure!) which teach us the best lessons. I don't know why this just occurred to me. I've known it for a long time, but we wanted a place to share our testimonies and stuff that occurs to us. I mentioned in my last post that 2012 was a refiner's fire. I lost my dad, moved home to help my mom, lost friends, gained a couple friends, and got stuck in some places that weren't very pleasant. 2013 proved to be more of the same, an incredible growth experience that has helped me stretch in ways I never thought possible.

But blogs that focus only on thoughts aren't as uplifting, and, let's face it, those kind of blogs are bohhhh-ring (said in the voice of Michelle from Full House, anyone remember that?) I like to read stories and experiences and relate to them through blogs. In most cases, I don't know the blog owner or family. But I can relate to some of the experiences, or I can learn from them.

So we're taking a new direction here. And if this little blog reaches even one heart, we have a chance.

In the meantime, here is a pic of Kerri and I from our recent trip to Moab, UT. Kerri is not into hiking (like, at all) but she humored me and went on more than a few. It was 40 degrees the day we went on this hike in Arches National Park.  Can you see how happy she is in the background? What a champ.