Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Power of the Priesthood

As conference approaches we are reminded of how sneaky the adversary is and how determined he is to destroy all things that are important to Our Heavenly father, our Savior, His church, and us, His children. President Monson once said, "Today, we are encamped against the greatest array of sin, vice, and evil ever assembled before our eyes. … The battle plan whereby we fight to save the souls of men is not our own. It [came through] the inspiration and revelation of the Lord.”  (Thomas S. Monson, “Correlation Brings Blessings,” Relief Society Magazine, Apr. 1967, 247.)
To live in this world and not of this world is a very difficult task at times, but we must remember it may be difficult in this moment in time, but it will not always be difficult. It is not just possible but it is very certain that we will win this battle against the adversary. We are a part of The Church of Jesus Christ, His church that is now as it was when He walked the earth preaching. It was not easy to live the gospel then, it was not easy in the early days for the early saints, and it certainly can be difficult in today’s world. It has been many years since that day when the priesthood was restored to us here on Earth. Our numbers have grown to astonishing numbers since then, but compared to the billions of people here on Earth it is still a small fraction. We must keep in mind who we are, remember what we know, and we must step out against the adversary and preach the gospel to all those who are around us. We will be able to accomplish all things great with the power of the priesthood.
Many people have begun to question why we, as women, are not given the keys to hold the priesthood. Many of which are mis-lead, I am here to remind you that woman are just as much a part of the priesthood as the men. We all hold a very important role within the Church. It is important that we all understand this because as woman we are wives, mothers, daughters and sisters of the brethren that the priesthood keys are bestowed upon. We have influence on our husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers. If we are not working as a whole we cannot progress and the complete greatness the priesthood can posess will not be reached.  Without the worthy priesthood holders standing in his own place standing strong, along with all members of the church women alike  the Lord said,” the weak things of the world shall come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones.”  (Doctrine and Covenants 1:19)
With Our Heavenly Father there is a plan, He loves each one of us and would not leave any of us out of the plan. After all He wants each of us to return and live with Him once again. His plan is that even those homes without the priesthood are being watched over by the quorums of the church. The true power of the priesthood comes through faithful and obedient living in honoring covenants. It increases by exercising and using the priesthood. Just imagine by allowing the priesthood into our homes, families, and lives how strong we will become spiritually to keep out the adversary and his followers. As we look around in today’s society it is so very clear that he and his followers are persistent on attacking the home and the family. President Boyd K. Packer reminded us in the April General Conference of 2010, because the power of the priesthood has been given to us to guide us and protect us we will not be fearful of the future. We will move forward knowing that the Lord will watch over us, our families, and homes.  

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