Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Waking Up Happy

Just a quick one this morning, folks.

I woke up with happiness and hope this morning. This is great! I haven't woken up like this in a long time, I usually have to work at it. I know, this shouldn't be the case. I should always have happiness and gratitude in my heart. But that is why this blog is called Being Martha, Becoming Mary. Martha wasn't doing anything wrong, she just had her priorities mixed up. That happens to me quite often. Since 2012 turned out to be a refiner's fire, I found myself always needing to re-center and fix my priorities . My entire life changed (and that is no exaggeration!), right down to my daily routines. I wasn't too pleased initially. I felt like I was thrust into a new stage of adulthood against my will and spent the first half of 2012 walking in a cloud of grief, for many things. I may write a post about losing my dad in early 2012. I may not be able to get through it. The point is, waking up happy is a happy change. The Lord is always by my side.

Moroni 10:5 came to mind this morning as well:

"And by the power of the Holy Ghost you may know the truth of all things."

What an awesome promise that is. How has the Holy Ghost blessed your life? Are you out there? Who is reading this blog??

 Happy Wednesday!


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